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CTA is an initiative of concerned Nigerian professionals bringing their global experiences towards developing well-rounded young African change agents. The target is children and adults aged between 5 and 25.

While CTA is rooted in Nigeria, it is driven by a broader sense of African development, one that is committed to moulding African talent and resource for effective homegrown solutions.

It is time to generate a national wave of innovative passion in all fields of endeavor: time to cultivate our youth to the vision and philosophy of innovative thinking that can generate prosperity.

There is a cultural and philosophical element to nation-building, which shapes the direction of thought among citizens of any country in need of growth. Growth reflects the quality of thought produced by a people, and thought is a function of education.

CTA is aimed at unleashing unusual local thinkers in all specialties, youth trained to add value beyond the basic, who will help build the civilization of which this country stands in need.


The process of growth and development is a very volatile one if not properly handled. Hence our core values which focus on learning, using unconventional but very practical methods, thoroughly expounding complex concepts, and creating practical solutions not just for now, but the future.


It all starts with learning the right things required for holistic development and consistent growth


To mulling over these ideas and having an indepth understanding of the concepts therein


Finally, to engineering solutions which caters to humanity now, and futuristically


Children, unlike adults, are highly impressionable. The foundation of their social skills, self-esteem, perception of the world and moral outlook are established during this early stage - as well as the development of cognitve skills. Their needs are unique and you must be aware of this.
Childhood educators are adaptable to the emotional reactions of their students, especially when it has to do with interactions with other children, as this can be one of the first times they interact with their agemates.
The child educator's role often becomes that of a mediator when children have problems sharing, or learning how to get along. This is the job of CTA Academy consultants and counselors.


  • Identifying special needs children
  • Interactive sessions with Teachers and Parents
  • Talent grooming and Skills acquisition/development